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explosion in the samper know. today, pg&e announced a $100 million fund for-san bruno victims. meanwhile, the next rotati ntsb has on its way to washington d.c. for further investigation. and state regulators have ordered pg&e to test all of their natural gas lines. most residents have been able to return. but, there are still residents that are waiting and they have homes that have either been completely destroyed. they want to sift through what is left or others are severely damaged and have a red text. the death is at four. -read attack. >> the human remains have been on site of the explosion and three people are still missing tonight. kron4's kate thompson joins us from san bruno. the command center. >> we are here, too. the latest
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from investigators. you can see the media lined up and ready. to hear from the national transportation safety board and that is heading up this investigation on the ground. in the san bruno. there has been three full days of investigations at this point. investigators said yesterday that they plan on being here for at least one more day. the big revelation they told us about, yesterday was that the investigators have not been able to confirm reports that people in the neighborhood smelled gas prior to the explosion and reported it. they said they checked with local authorities, and pg&e and car unable to confirm the smell of gas before the blast. >> also, investigators with help in that collecting evidence. they want people to contact attacked them at san bruno ntsb .com with cellphone video,
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surveillance video anything that anybody might notice that it was out of the ordinary. perhaps one thing that was a bit out of the ordinary was dead vegetation and there yard. that usually means that there is a gas leak. they are asking people to contact them because they're trying to get as much evidence possible to try to determine what has cost this blast. >> as of yesterday, they're still not determined what they were going to do. and as you said, previously, there were going to take a three sections of pipe. that has been removed, to have it investigators look at that investigators further. that section of pipe has been shipped to washington dc. >> state regulators have ordered pg need to inspect all of its natural gas. kron4's christine connolly joins us with that part of the story. christine? >> yes, pg&e has been asked to inspect over 5,000 mi. of pipeline. this is one of the
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massive investigation goes on in the blast site. at the bottom of your scene, the creator from the creation that is created with news crews. and to the right, you can see some of those homes destroyed. again, pg&e is eschewing being inspected all the pipelines and the inspections they did. let us roll some video and show you cured a giant section of this before investigators removed it. we have learned that this section was invested in november and most recently in march for leaks. that inspection, people actually walked along to see if there were any leaks. pg&e could not tell us the results but now, they're being asked to inspect all the pipelines. we asked what it will have to look like? >> first and foremost, the will be an inspection of any potential leaks that might be. we all respect for pipeline as i mentioned on an annual basis.
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will have to work with the ntsb, dispute the time, and recruitment and will be a minimum, elite survey. >> pg&e has also been told that they need to focus on high pressure pipe line. and high populated area like this in san bruno. that where the focus is going to be. they also have three transmission lines in san bruno and those have been a 10% reduction in pressure. reporting live in the san bruno, christine connolly. >> our originally, several of the homes exploded and jeff bush explains why some and caught fire and was that fire spread as quickly as it did. >> when this exploded, no homes actually exploded what happened is the the initial fireball so intense. homes were in golden flames just near there. in the theory is that the wind cost
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this very quick, from house to house. it, neighbors say it is common for the wind to blow from the west as the offshore flow. you can see this fire burning. this was from thursday night, the mass of flames shooting into the air and firefighters trying their best to contain this that moved through the neighborhood. >> the question of why certain homes that burned to the ground and some did not cannot be explained, definitively at this point. however, sometimes it comes down to just the pure luck. and this was able to stopped on a homand glenview, ad some have been erratic tech, some of agreement tech that it is okay to go back. some of a- red colored attack. which icolor tag. that indicates no entry.
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>> and this is as close as we're allowed to the blast site. as i is a man you can see where the creature is behind that cyclone fence. -grade crator >> these used to be trees. right next to that the remains of used to be a house. the foundation, the chimney is all what is left. as i can out further you can see the other vfireball is all this is left is a shell. no roof. and the interior is black and. and across the street these homes look pretty good. and when i zoom in, this terracotta a home. the windows have been blown out presumably by the heat from the blast. this house,
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right here where i'm standing get 930 glenview it is been mostly untouched. the leaves, the plants, had been willed to it by the heat. and this was 100 yds away from the blast as a green attack. and it is safe to occupy. and maureen kelly. among some incredible before and after of the explosion in san bruno. thank you to google earth. this is and after shot. you can see how many homes are burned out in the center. you can action see that creatuater and that burned out area. let me show you that on the right hand side we've matched up this before uncle maps. you can see carroll avenue,-or google maps. and what i will do on google earth is move over to clairemont drive. you can see where so many
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homes were destroyed. and over on google maps. you can see what the neighborhood looked like thursday morning before this happened. you take this fall as well and the street view shot of what this looks good-fold you. these homes are intact thursday morning. and now, these are gone. >> a look at our extended forecast with mild conditions for the next few days. we've a chance for showers as we go towards the weekend. i will have details on that coming up right after in the break. heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons.
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patchy cloud coverage and cooler conditions this afternoon. this storm passes us to the north with the 60s, 70's. we even have a few temperatures upper 70's, inland. 80 in antioch is our warmest location with 59 degrees in half moon bay is a request location. trend as the go
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towards tomorrow and a uniform of fog clear. tonight. and by tomorrow, will make that inland push in scheduling back by 7:00 a.m. to the coastal eddy regions. -stealing back-- >> and also, the coastal and the inland regions. with 59-79 degrees tomorrow. with 77 expected tomorrow, in santa rosa, 75 in napa, inland will be upper 70's, as still cool on the coast. the bay shore were pretty much in the low 70's. and 77 san jose is removed to the rest of this week with a slight warming until thursday. friday, saturday, a chance with a storm as we get clipped possibility. we will keep you posted on that as it gets closer. stay with us.
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♪ >> and in the wake of the castle
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and explosion from last week. gabriel slate's tech report >> the san bruno explosion has is all a little on edge. and the gas levels in and around our home. to show you a device /gadget. to give you peace of mind and possibly could save your life. do not forget, that gas is call the silent killer for a reason. odorless, colorless, this is aaaaaaaa it is simple to use and anybody can operate it and it is $30. good to have in your home, business and this is also as a smoke alarm access a smoke alare this is green, it is ready to detect. too slowly we've this where the gas leak might be happening perhaps around your stove? or where this is entering your home, water heater, with a propane tank. and if it detects on save about? that red light
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will become a flash. easy to use. i will show you and hit down the fuel release on this leiter and it will beep >> this one works, it is only $30 and it is made by local company. if you purchase it? and our news link section >> could this have been prevented? a whistleblower. and caught up with the lawyer, today. >> san francisco lawyer is in court for his whistleblower, michael wiseman. >> if pg&e would pay attention to pay attention to safety, than maybe they it this connection prevented. >> in the wake of this san bruno
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explosion, he is filing paper on behalf of wiseman. who is suing pg&e! >> people are shocked by the horror. and the way that he was not surprised because the new the on site practices. he knew that a tragedy could happen. he wanted to prevent that. tragedy a san bruno. >> he claims that he was our rest with unsay practices. >> he worked on the gas transmission lines in the san bruno and and off and on other lines in northern california. mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamag >> this was filed on august 17th. just weeks before the accident. we contacted pg&e and so far, the utility has not responded. in san francisco. vicki liviakis em off in national news, president obama chose a very informal setting.
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with the warmth will come as a wokalked into fairfield,fairfaxd with the democratic economic policies. the stimulus plan has helped a lot but there is a lot of work to be done. >> to stop and stabilize the economy but the effect of the matter is the pace of improvement has not been where it needs to be. the whole that we a block of ourselves and is enormous. >> he chose those with the district man of joe connolly. he is and a very difficult reelection process. firefighters in colorado are controlling a 900 a. wildfire near love land. it is already destroyed two homes and you are looking at least one spot. where a home has burned in the north tcall a foothills, and to prevent, or
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across has been slow. this broken out, yesterday with a bigger near boulder that is destroyed 166 homes. authorities say that could been sparked by an outboard firepit. they do not know if they're going to charge the home owner. >> investigators about the block preventer in new orleans about the this is being bloshipped to be investigated ts weekend. meanwhile, a new blow out preventer, is being investigated. and with the new discovery of dead wildlife?
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there is concern of is and weather or not this was the existing or if this is a new problem. >> a chance of rain fall as we head into the weekend. your forecast to tell us coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> with comprehensive coverage on the san bruno gasoline explosion. web producer, kimberly sakamoto will show us all the resources, on light. >> pictures, videos, links. everything! to show you. a video player, interviews with residents, and all the press conferences to give you the latest of affirmation about the investigation. and that link section, the latest-information, to donate, blood, and information for residents on one to be able to to return home and what should be due upon returning. >> also, a slide show filled with your photos, and a link. we
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are still requesting your e- mail, video, stories. com you can check out those resources and will have those news conference tonight at 8:00 p.m., like. and will have that live. >> will look at our current conditions with temperatures cooler. as much as 10 degrees and we're seeing some patchy cloud coverage. and the 60s, the three wide but the 70's, inland. and 71 and san jose, 72 in los gatos, cooler along the coast. 59 it happen bay, and upper 60s in the northern section. what we can expect. for the next few days, the patchy fog over the next overnight will change this uniform will push back and a something that we're used to this time of year. tomorrow, will of morning fog inland
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valleys in and pushing back to the coastline. temperatures, are going to be a bit warmer especially inland and to the bay shore is. as the rest of this weekend continues, the temperatures will go up and then a return of lower temperatures and and rainfall. with curr 77 degress expected for tomorrow by 3:00 p.m. and 72 in fremont expected, 70 in hayward, and upper 70's for the south bay. let us talk about that rain and the futurecast shows a chance of rain fall early friday morning, from the north, and the chances will continue to go to the self by the direction of the day. through the north bay, and perhaps some of it near the golden gate. from a friday, saturday, and this is a few days away and will keep you posted as it gets closer. what we can
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count on for the next couple of days is a warming trend for a little bit. and then the peak will be 83 inland on thursday and then a cool down. again, stay with us, the news of 5:00 p.m. is coming up, next.
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>> live, this is kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m. >> a return to rule in south. residents of san bruno to assess the damage. their returns. >> been here, the first time and same as it is just the worst. , who is allowed back in and also find out how pg&e will help the city and the residence rebuilt. plus, the update on the gas pipe investigation. and we will take a look at new video just call for the explosion reached on thursday.

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